National Drug Take Back Day

October 28th is recognized as National Drug Take Back Day.

National Drug Take Back Day is a public health initiative provides an opportunity for individuals to dispose of their unused or expired prescription medications and over-the-counter drugs safely. This annual event, organized by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and local law enforcement agencies, aims to combat the growing issue of prescription drug abuse and its associated health risks. By participating in National Drug Take Back Day, people can ensure that these medications do not end up in the wrong hands, in turn reducing the potential for misuse, addiction, and overdose.

One of the main benefits of National Drug Take Back Day is the environmentally responsible disposal of pharmaceuticals. Flushing medications down the toilet or throwing them in the trash can lead to contamination of water sources and soil. By providing designated collection sites where individuals can drop off their medications, the initiative prevents these substances from polluting the environment. This environmentally friendly approach not only safeguards ecosystems but also protects human health by reducing exposure to harmful chemicals.

Furthermore, National Drug Take Back Day encourages open conversations about the safe use and disposal of prescription drugs. It educates communities about the potential dangers of keeping unused medications at home and underscores the importance of proper disposal methods. By fostering awareness, this initiative plays a crucial role in addressing the opioid epidemic and promoting the responsible handling of pharmaceuticals. It also strengthens the bond between law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve, fostering trust and collaboration in the fight against drug abuse. National Drug Take Back Day serves as a reminder that each individual can contribute to the collective effort to make communities safer and healthier.

Below we have included resources and programs that anyone can use to learn more about the drug take back and prevention process in Tennessee. 


Prescription Drug Take-Back Toolkit: A Community Guide to Diversion Control & Pharmacy Engagement 

Together Tennessee

Fentanyl Information and Resources

Tennessee Teen Institute

One Tennessee

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