Call A Doctor Plus & Advocacy Webinar

Join us on this webinar with Mike Lerman on November 29th at 11am CST. 
We will discuss practical ideas aimed at achieving: 
  • A healthier, happier, more present workforce who have free, instant access to healthcare for their entire household (regardless of relationship or other medical coverage).
  •  An alternative, low-cost benefit for those that opt-out, are ineligible (part-time, volunteer, contract labor), or who can't afford full family health plans.
  • A no-barrier, no-stigma avenue for everyone in your employees 
  • An employee assistance plan where family members can get emotional, mental, financial, and legal help in time of need through a 24/7 crisis hotline and counseling.
  • Telehealth appointments with Mental Health, Dermatology, Nutrition, and Dental professionals – all with unlimited use and zero copay.  
  • All plans costs employers less than a 12 cent-an-hour raise.

To register for this RHA of TN-sponsored educational webinar, simply: CLICK HERE.  


This webinar is sponsored by Teladoc Telemedicine.  If you would like a sneak preview of what these plans look like in action, simply click:
Teladoc General Medicine:
Employee Assistance Plan:
Teladoc Behavioral Health:
MyStrength Complete:           MyStrength Complete Video

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