Apprenticeship Sponsorship

In an effort to address healthcare workforce shortages, particularly in rural areas, Rural Health Association of Tennessee launched a pilot Apprenticeship program at the start of 2021. We act as a "sponsor organization" for employers who adopt the apprenticeship model for nursing assistants/patient care techs, dental assistants, and community health workers.

Current employer partners include:

  • West Tennessee Healthcare
  • Braden Health 
  • National Healthcare Cooperation
  • Helping Hands of West and Middle Tennessee

To learn more about RHA's apprenticeship program, contact [email protected]

Workforce Ready Curriculum 

Rural Health Association of Tennessee developed a workforce ready curriculum to introduce youth to careers in healthcare and support the development of "soft skills" needed to be successful in healthcare. 

Rural Health Apprenticeships in the Spotlight

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Thank You to our Funders!

Our Apprenticeship Program is made possible by the generosity of the below funders: